Integrated, Automated Management System for Law Firms


SMARTLAW is an intuitive, Law Practice Management Solution, that automates and modernizes the work of the law practice office. It helps transform from the traditional paper-based case filing to automation of the entire case lifecycle from initial briefing to final billing and closure. It reduces case backlogs and enables handling more cases in less time.
Our software is a fully featured solution developed to specifically cater for law firms to allow them to manage their day to day activities smartly and efficiently, providing an integrated and complete management system to assist law firms simplify their operations, increase productivity and; thus, grow their business.
SMARTLAW provides a complete set of functionality from basic features such as data entry, case workflow management, scheduling, automatic reminders, electronic document tracking, client relationship management, and billing to more advanced and useful enhancements such as Email and SMS notification to clients and lawyers, access from mobiles and tablets, remote VPN access for use outside the office, analytics and reporting and much more.

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In addition, SMARTLAW is:

  • Affordable: very low cost, paying for itself in a few months by productivity increase and money saving due to more efficient time and financial management.
  • Easy to use: very user friendly interface which make using the application highly intuitive and needing minimal user training.
  • Multi-lingual: easily switch between English and Arabic languages.
  • Fully configurable: court and lawsuit terms, court names, session types, case stage, etc.
  • Can handle an unlimited number of Cases and Clients.
  • Integrates with accounting (billing, cost tracking, and comprehensive financial reporting) and human resources management (Employee master information, payroll, leaves management, timesheets etc..)
  • Fully customizable reports.

Case Management

  • Calendars & Reminders
  • Case Management (events, contacts, documents, emails, status and notes)
  • Roll Printing
  • Case & Client History
  • Reporting and Dashboards

Clients Relationship Management

  • Customer information management (companies, individuals, banks etc..)
  • Follow-up on phone calls and meetings
  • Email integration and automation
  • Calendar
  • Live chat

Staff Management

  • Lawyers / Employees management system
  • Employee information (personal details, visa, passport, ID)
  • Payroll
  • Leave management
  • Task management

Analytics & Reporting

  • Comprehensive reports of court hearings, with case details, session type, previous hearing details
  • Automated reporting system for clients about the court hearings via SMS or e-mail
  • Send automated report to lawyers regarding the court hearings for the next day.

Effective Communication

  • Integrated with users email
  • Manage communication between team members and follow up tasks
  • SMS messaging to lawyers and clients

Financial Accounting

  • Chart of Accounts & Journals
  • Billing
  • Expense tracking
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Reporting
  • Clients statements
  • Customizable dashboards