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What is DeskAlerts?

DeskAlerts is an internal messaging and notification platform that enables a central administrator to send messages in the form of desktop alerts that cannot be ignored, left unattended, or deleted.

What can you do with DeskAlerts?
DeskAlerts will greatly improve the internal communications of any organization. You can send important updates, event reminders, RSVP invitations, and even emergency alerts to your constituents in the form of popup messages,This way, there will be a bigger chance that your message will be opened and read.

Why should you use DeskAlerts?
The workplace these days is drowning in calls, emails, and meetings that can get too demanding of people’s time, energy, and attention. Thus, new information and announcements that pop out are easily ignored.
DeskAlerts helps you:
1) schedule the appearance of this information and announcements on your employee’s computer units,
2) interrupt whatever task they are doing, and
3) assign a priority level on your messages so that employees won’t miss them if the issue is urgent.

The system also allows you to target specific audiences for each alert you make, add specific actionable content to the alerts, and customize the format of each message to properly communicate with any type of person within your business.

DeskAlerts Notification Solution

DeskAlerts Notification Solution

Core system features

DeskAlerts system has a modular structure. Most additional modules provide extra channels for notifications or non-usual alert types. The core functions, which are present in any package, include:

  • Web interface for composing and sending content
  • Single interface from sending the message to multiple communications channels
  • Reports on content delivery, users activity and system performance
  • Rich text format, add the colors, fonts and styling with easy to use message editor
  • Insert images,links, and documents, including digitally signed ones
  • Advanced users can insert active content using HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Record video/audio messages and embed them into dektop alerts
  • Urgent messages, designed specifically for emergency notifications
  • Broadcast feature to inform everyone in a company

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